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Behold Formidable Forms. We've supported PayPal payments with our add-on for 10+ years! With our WordPress form builder and our PayPal add-on, you can create anything from a simple PayPal shopping cart to a complex eCommerce solution.

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By basic, we mean that you will let s2Member control access to any File Downloads that you make available. It's basic, because all you do is simply tell s2Member how many unique File Downloads are allowed within a given time-period, based on the Membership Level that a particular user has. For instance, you might make 100 ZIP files available, but you only allow Members at Level 1 to download a maximum of 10 unique files each day/week/month/year. Members at Level 2 might be allowed more, and so on. Advanced Download Restrictions (w/ Download Keys)
Take a look at the “Settings” section, there will be two menu tabs named “PayPal” and “Stripe”. .

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OpenCart forums is a great way to get community support. With more than 110 000 registered members and 550 000+ posts you are part of one of the biggest ecommerce communities
SECOND MOST IMPORTANT PROBLEM STILL UNSOLVED is I got the IPN set up but it’s still not showing anything in All Orders. I think I maybe don’t have the URL to which the IPN should be sent set correctly. I just used cprclimate.org as the URL. Should it be something like cprclimate.org/payments or something?

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If you’d like to display customers’ orders, use Cart Orders. To take care of multiple settings that regard both PayPal and this plugin, use Simple Cart.

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WP Forms is a drag-and-drop form builder plugin for WordPress. The plugin has been downloaded over 4 million times, which makes it one of the most used form plugins available for WordPress.

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    With this plugin, you can further pursuade a customer to complete their order by giving them a special discount.

    This option is a bit different – it uses the drag&drop technique that lets you build your own designs for plugins. That makes it very popular amongst newer website designers and is used by millions of various websites online.
    Tribulant developed this plugin to be super easy to set up. With its fairly easy-to-use interface, you can set up your multiple products and categorize/organize them into multiple product categories. Add additional images to showcase your products so that users know what they are buying and add digital downloads to products if needed so that users can securely download paid files from your website.

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    Thanks, Noor. Where would I find ‘auto return’ on Paypal’s website? When I search for the option, only help articles associated with the return of goods appear. Mick Hello! I need the customer to be able to fill out some information needed to fill their order. How can I add a form?

    The “return_url” parameter can be added to the shortcode to redirect the customer to a specific page on your site after the payment. For example: [checkout_for_paypal item_description="My item description" amount="3.99" return_url="https://example.com/thank-you/"] No Shipping
    @Craig, PayPal sandbox is for testing purpose. PayPal offers this option so you can check whether your website is ready to accept payments before going live (no actual money is charged unless you make a purchase in live mode).

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    @David, You can listen to this action hook that gets triggered after a PayPal notification is processed in the plugin.

    You need to edit your button at Paypal and add a return URL to the button. See how to do that here:
    Finally a note for developers/designers. The extension costs quoted above are for a single you license. The good new is that for $20 more you get 5 licenses! Spreading your cost across multiple clients. Nice one.

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    WP EasyCart is a powerful FREE WordPress eCommerce store & WordPress Shopping Cart plugin that installs into new or existing WordPress blogs and websites.

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The best WooCommerce plugins for payment gateways are the ones that work for you and your business. I’ve covered the overall best gateways around, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide which one is best.

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If you’re already comfortable using WordPress, you will find that WooCommerce looks familiar. Make sure you access the tutorial videos that can be accessed through the Help menu.

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