The success of your Ecommerce Web Design Depends on the product page-Saga Biz Solutions

Product page is the most important page of any ecommerce site because it affects the conversion rate. Thus the product page of your e-commerce website design must convince customers and force them to buy products from your site.

First, you must select a reliable content management system for developing your e-commerce site. Compared to other CMS, Joomla is more flexible and allows you to add more custom elements in your site. Using Joomla website design, you can serve your customers effectively.

In the World Wide Web, your competitor is always just a click away and a small error in the design of your product page can ruin your business. Here are some things that customers expect to see in a product page:

Mandatory elements of a product page

  • Product name Make sure the product name is short, but descriptive. For example, if you sell LCD monitors, instead of writing as “LCD” you can write “Full HD LCD Monitor”. This way, customers and the search engines will understand what type of products you sell
  • The Price- customers seeking a product price as they shortlist product. Write the price of each product in bold and include information on prices next to the button “buy”.
  • Buy button- Without a “buy” button on your product page, your customers can not buy a product? More often than not, designers make mistakes to “buy” button design, such as making it too small and difficult to locate. The button should ideally be placed beneath or next to each product image.

Also, remember, if you are catering to US customers, write “add to cart” button “buy” and for the UK version of your website writing, “add to basket”. Place the buy button above the fold so that your customers can instantly see.

Important components of a product page

  • Images- Use large images, high resolution products to convince your customers about product quality. Optimize images for faster, use the modal window download hover zoom function to allow customers to check the details.
  • Provide multiple images for each product and provide a 360-degree angle. Also,     always showing pictures of real products. For example, if you sell Samsung LCD model no 1234 does not display the image of the model No. 5678, or for that matter, an entirely different brand that has a similar product to research.
  • Product Description- Describe the important details of each product in an interesting way. You can either write a brief summary or use a table layout to highlight the main features.
  • Quantity Option- If a customer wants to buy 10 pieces of the same item, give her the option. Give a quantity option and let him choose as many as he needs. Do not let it click back and forth 10 times to buy the same product.

Useful elements of a product page

  • Product name Manufacturer If you sell third party products from your online store, mention the name of the manufacturer. Different clients as different brands and displaying the brand name can increase your profit margin.
  • Size and Dimension If you are selling clothes or shoes, show the change in size and color to give your customers a better shopping experience.
  • Available Stock Show stocks available to create a sense of urgency and to sell products more quickly. For example, if you show that you have only 5 iPad left in your store, more customers will rush to buy the latest iPads.

When a product is completely out of stock, displays the message “out of stock” and ask customers to leave their email address for notification of product availability.

Additional items

  • Customer Reviews Let your customers write product reviews. See the most helpful comments at the bottom of the product page. Remember to include the negative comments because, 1. a product can not satisfy all customers. 2. that good reviews, because of # 1, makes an amazing product.
  • Add to List- Some of your customers may decide to purchase a product later and for their benefit, you should give a button “add to wishlist”. A wish list can not increase your revenue immediately, but it will help you create loyal customers.
  • Delivery Details- see the delivery details for each product and note the shipping charge. Potential customers can choose your site just because you give a “2-day delivery” and “shipping is completely free.”

These are some of the things you should consider when designing a user-friendly product page. If you do not have experience in website design, you can also hire a website design company to develop your e-commerce site.

Website Designer and ECommerce Website Design in Surat

There are a number of website designing companies presenting their services in Surat, India. Some of the characteristics of a absolutely designed websites are that it should have technically proceed tools and design that steer to all your business needs and must be accessible in search engines.

Continuous advancement in technology demand website designer to train themselves into new technology and tools and bring novelty to website designs. A website is not about its looks and gorgeous design but more than that. In order to take a website at top in search engines, your website must be set with all the essential tools and reliable content.

In Surat you find a number of website designing types depending upon your business necessity, these are Simple Website designing to Basic Website Designs, Content Management System Website design and Ecommerce website design.

Designer web is an India based website designing company in Surat. Designing a website doesn’t confine to make an inventive design but it involves a lot many things in order to run a website effectively. Expert website designer know that distant from an attractive design, a website requirements tools or features such as SEO friendly content, Ecommerce solutions, website hosting, On-site consulting and website management tools.

Surat is hub to many website designing companies and each one has its own team of specialists. In order to discover best services for designing your website in specialist hands, you need to look for different companies portfolios and work history. Moreover an attractive website designing quote along with great services is what you precisely need.

Running an online business or want to correspond to your organization/office/company an online stage, get a well designed website. If your website doesn’t look beautiful and innovative then you might lose latent traffic therefore you need professional Ecommerce website design services. The accurate Ecommerce solution provides you a chance to grow your business online. Website design services include serious analysis of your website in terms of defining constraints to improve your business and portentous right ecommerce solutions.

In order to improve working and effectualness of your business, your website requires ecommerce software, ecommerce packages and shopping cart systems. These tools assist to get value of your asset in the website. An absolute ecommerce solution for a well designed website consists of a number of characteristics such as shopping cart, shipping options, online payment processing, promotional tools, product Database, Content management tools, traffic or customer reports and many more.

ECommerce Website Designing and ECommerce website Development Services

webreachtech is one of the best ecommerce organization that have some expertise in custom improvement and programming for any venture, independent of size. Our Ecommerce Web Developers have broad involvement in the most recent advancement routines, dialects and adaptation control frameworks. Each undertaking starts by seeing how you direct business, what controls you need and what is the most ideal approach to connect with your customers or clients.

We offer Ecommerce site Services at sensible rates for people and littler organizations. We can offer a few Ecommerce improvement arrangements that are accessible to you from a little advancement venture to an expansive Ecommerce arrangement. So when you need to get your business unmistakable and decently introduced to your clients get in touch with us and we will verify that your Ecommerce improvement wanders a decent experience for you and your clients.

Ecommerce Website Development Services UK that we give are most extreme quality driven Ecommerce improvement yield & custom ecommerce site advancement custom-made to address the issues of each organization’s Ecommerce cms advancement prerequisites. As an ecommerce advancement organization, we have practical experience in ECommerce site improvement, ECommerce site bolster, ECommerce cms improvement, custom ecommerce site improvement and ECommerce entrance advancement.

Our helpful trying is in view of 10 years in length solid innovative capability and area aptitude. This ecommerce stage is adaptable and extendable therefore regardless of if your store numbers tens to hundreds item things or you are running a reasonable gateway a large number of stock inside.

Checking the difficulties of the very focused universe of ecommerce we transformed our insight and experience into pragmatic device of decision. This structure bails our customers to emerge and keep on in their business corner.

We endeavor to create custom arrangements that will best suit your needs and long haul objectives. All our Ecommerce sites from our Ecommerce web designers are constructed to drive deals and give comes about that make to an effective site venture.

Also see:- Web Development Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions

The key goal of Ecommerce Web Developers and Development Company is to give great thoughtfulness regarding customers and convey extend inside the calendar, with great quality and minimal effort.

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How ecommerce web design company is Valuable For Business

Changes are always progressive in nature as far as the world of web is concerned. It is well projected from the recent studies that the present trend greatly supports the businesses that have a significant position in the online world. It will never be a wild guess to hope that crowding inside a business firm will soon be renovated to the front of a personal computer or laptop with an internet connection. With the development e-business, Web Design Company is gaining more and more demand.

Ecommerce in simple sense is the process of purchasing and selling product or services via internet. At the time of global recession when many of the businesses failed to survive, the advantage of having an online presence with the help of any of the reputed web design services was understood. Those who had a website by their own benefited a lot than those who were confined just to the physical buildings. There are numerous advantages of possessing a website having genuine and pleasing web design.Therefor a finding a good ecommerce web design company is a tough job who create modern and simple websites which have only the end user in mind.

The achieve towards viewers is extended
With ecommerce web design services,the geographic place is no more a effecting aspect. As the variety of internet explorer browsing improves day by day more possibilities are there for getting higher variety of potential customers. The sites from these solutions helps in presenting the items and solutions to a endemic online viewers.
Product or solutions can be marketed from anywhere
The Web Design Services make it possible for promoting and marketing your item from any place around the world. Now the computerized conditions have removed the need for one-to-one connections. Thus the website will take care of sales and your attempt is almost removed and just guidance is enough.Products are usually catalogued and requested by digital means with least or no human disturbance at all.

Products can be sold whenever you want.
Another advantage of web design service is that, with a web page you can sell your product whenever you want.

With an effective eCommerce Website Design, time associated with purchasing to distribution can be reduced to a large degree. Various management areas of your company can be covered with an efficient web design.

USA WEB DESIGN – is a leading ecommerce web design company in USA providing different services like web development,web design and website seo solutions.

Custom eCommerce Website Design To Take Your Online Business To The Next Level

As far as building up an eCommerce webpage, or custom e-commerce website update, you require an associate that is focused and experienced in giving associations the best in master e-Commerce web diagram plans. With a gathering of authorities under one top, OuterBox’s goal is to offer each one of you of the imperative arrangement, change and chase publicizing organizations anticipated that would be compelling on the web. Our full-organization, procedure grants us to be in charge of your general accomplishment.

We’ve worn down numerous eCommerce exercises and fathom what it takes to make bargains. Utilizing responsive web layout, our eCommerce destinations are enhanced for desktop, versatile and tablet shopping. With stage contrivances like unfathomable things and groupings, to a safe one-page checkout, we make web shopping straightforward for customers and easy to administer for webpage supervisors. From offering a thing or enrollment, to taking portions for an organization, our gathering can develop the custom eCommerce site plan that is perfect for your business.

Having an e-commerce site can be an exceptional high ground for your business. There are various sorts of e-commerce courses of action available for use with your business and the good circumstances can be unprecedented. E-commerce destinations can pass on, offer, or buy items or organizations online through the trade for trusts with electronic frameworks or correspondences.

The basic favorable circumstances for having this kind of page is that you can open up an online store smoothly and stay far from a rate of the overhead costs of a physical store territory. It is interested in clients 24 X 7, all over the place all through the world. This develops your territory and customers span, as your business is not confined to just clients or customers around your snappy physical zone. You can showcase your things in an amazingly straightforward way through the use of online rundown programming, enabling your clients to viably find and purchase definitely what they’re looking for.


Custom ecommerce website that is straightforward and open to countless is similarly valuable because it gives less requesting transport of information. Rather than calling to find our store hours or more information about your association, your rundown programming can demonstrate information, headways, arrangements and consistent data on your things or organizations. Allowing customers to shop for the convenience and comfort they could call their own homes at whatever point of the day or night can fabricate your arrangements and potentially your profits while decreasing costs for your business. You are in like manner prepared to construct the thing and brand care, furthermore extending customer dedication. Through e-commerce website development company, you can have potential results, and it is a keen thought to impact an online store to assemble your business.

Why does SEO take so long before you see results?

If your website is not yet visible to search engines and does not bring any benefits in your terms, you are more eager to see changes in the results when you opt for internet marketing campaign immediately. It is wonderful to see the results. However, it usually takes time!


Here are some reasons why your SEO takes so much time and needs an ongoing investment:

  • Creating an SEO campaign will involve lots of task. There are lots of people who think that ranking correctly in search engines needs some secrets to manipulate it. With this case, those secrets and tricks are rare in this job. In starting your ranking in search engines, there are lots of works to do which involves the experience, knowledge, experimentation, research and do not need for any tricks or secrets. These works of SEO are planning, consultation, meetings, reporting, analytics setup and integration, content optimization and creation, navigation concerns, coding concerns, website design, hosting concerns and set up of sitemap.
  • SEO happens gradually and looks natural. To have effective SEO campaign, you need to have number of high quality relevant links that point your website. Getting links in your website is very important but you cannot get them all in an instance. The link building is hard task of SEO process to Google and manipulates it.
  • All new sites do not show up immediately in SERPs. Some alternative search engines or Google reward older sites to get the higher rankings in SERPs rather than brand new sites which is rare to have your website immediately.
  • Older websites tends to rank higher in search results. All things are created equally so if you came in the scene in just recently, you cannot simply rank above because there are websites created earlier than you. this is one of the obstacles that can be consider as the toughest hurdles in SEO where it requires need more time, experiment and effort.
  • It will depend on your market target. Your SEO campaign might be broader compared to the other websites which needs more time to get the results. What type of market target you want is it local, international or worldwide will depend on the works you will need. If your websites has a worldwide target it is very hard to easily be rank because you have lots of competitor.
  • SEO involves analysis. It is part of SEO to analyze how the people get the site and review results in finding ways to improve your rankings.
  • It needs longer time to develop content. Google loves to be always updated and be improved. This is why blogs are becoming more popular due to the reason of their continuous in adding new content to their websites where it index the new content.
  • Goals in the rank. A targeted niche campaign will be faster than service campaign or broad product so it will now just depend on your goal. So if you want bigger goal, the longer it will take.

These are the reasons why SEO takes so long to show up the results of your website ranking.



Tips for Hiring the Best SEO Firm

Hiring the best SEO firm can be very difficult. There are hundreds of different SEO firms that you can choose from, many of which make exaggerated claims about their services. With so many options in the mix, you need an experienced opinion in order to select the best firm. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best SEO firm:

  1. Find One in Your Vicinity

Most people don’t realise the importance of hiring an SEO firm that’s located in their vicinity. However, you need to realise that the world of SEO is highly dynamic. You might need to visit the company’s offices in order to discuss some new ideas and plans about how to improve your website’s visibility. For instance, if your website is based in Dubai, you need to look for a company that’s based in Dubai. For instance, is one of the best SEO companies in Dubai. They offer a wide range of SEO services, including customized packages designed exclusively for the promotion of your website.

  1. Range of Services

Another very important factor that you need to consider when looking for a good SEO firm is the range of services that they offer. SEO is a relatively broad term that encompasses a wide range of services. For instance, some of the services that you will need include link building, keyword research, content optimization, WordPress SEO CMS, web copywriting and article submission.

  1. Advice

Before you hire any SEO company, you need to check whether they offer free advice or not. Many companies now offer free SEO advice in order to reel in new customers. Apart from offering free advice, many companies now also offer pro bono advice to small-scale firms and not-for-profit organizations. Developing an SEO strategy is not easy. You will need to sit down with SEO experts and carry out detailed discussions about the best way to make your website more visible.

  1. Packages and Plans

Many SEO companies also offer a wide range of SEO packages and plans. For a new website, it is always difficult to utilise its financial resources in the most efficient manner. That is why many companies offer detailed SEO packages and plans. If you don’t know much about the different SEO techniques that can be used, buying an affordable SEO package is a good way to start promoting your website. It will also give you an idea about how SEO impacts the flow of traffic to your website.

  1. Reputation

Perhaps the best way to select a good firm is to read what others have to say about it. Whenever you visit the website of any SEO website, do take a look at the testimonials. It will give you an idea of whether other clients were satisfied with their services or not. In most cases, it takes a while for the effects of optimisation to show up. Therefore, it is important that you hire a reputable company to optimise your website.


Factors in a Great Website Design

It’s a virtual requirement to have a website today, whether you own a business or not. More and more people are hosting their own personal websites as a portfolio or a virtual résumé, and this is a great way for potential employers or clients to get to know who you are and what you do. The problem, however, is that designing a great website is still fairly difficult if you don’t have professional experience. Although there are a lot of tools out there that can help you, you’ll generally still need experience with HTML and other web languages in order to make your website function properly. In fact, there are a lot of great web design factors that will generally require help from a professional to nail down.


Many web hosts promise lightning-fast page speed, and truthfully, they do a great job delivering on those promises. Still, most amateurs can’t get their websites to meet expectations, and that’s actually not the fault of the web host. Instead, this is generally a problem caused by the content that you host on your website. Plugins and images can slow down your website, but less-than-perfect code on your site is generally what creates the biggest problem, and if you aren’t a professional web designer, you probably won’t know how to fix this.


It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s true that images can help people understand what you do. However, visitors to your site still need to be able to understand exactly what you do, who you are, and what all of this means to them. In order to communicate all of this to your visitor, your text needs to be beautiful, legible, and clean. Typography isn’t something that comes naturally to most people, however. Even if you know exactly what you want, knowing how to accomplish that in the several web languages you’ll need to use is something else entirely.


The attention span of your average website visitor is seemingly decreasing by the day. The constant availability of information and entertainment due to the advent of smartphones means it’s important to capture the attention of your audience as quickly as possible. You also need to work hard to keep your viewers engaged long enough to convert them into customers. Animations can be extremely helpful in keeping your visitors entertained, but they generally require some special coding to be used properly.


Search engine visibility is possibly the most crucial aspect of any website, because without it, you’re not likely to get anything other than direct traffic. If you’re looking to grow, you’ll need to be visible to the search engines. Unfortunately, this is something that is difficult and time-consuming to do on your own, especially if you don’t have the right technical knowledge. Hiring an expert web designer can ensure that your site is friendly to the search engines, which is absolutely invaluable over time. There are a few different ways to find a professional web designer in Newry, so don’t pass up the opportunity to use your site to bring in new business.


Improving Website Speed Leads to Improved Search Rankings

Google upgrades the algorithm that sorts website based on keywords relevancy. Keywords and backlinks have always been of importance but there are many other factors. Website speed is one such factor say New York SEO. You might be surprised on the mention of that point. Now let us have a look how it affects website rankings.


A direct correlation between website speed and website ranking is not present. In addition, to clarify, this is not a major factor influencing the rankings. The results usually depend on the metricsput to use. Let us say, there is a website that loads the first byte of its’ page quicker than yours’. You just lost your ranking to that page. However, the same speed does not count when the whole page, taking into consideration the images and advertisements is loading. This is not of importance to Google.

SEO services New York say; that many websites have reported a hike in the traffic after optimizing the site for speed. So, it is advisable that you take this up. Moreover, the website speed is for the comfort of you users rather than google ranking. It will impress the user and might bring in more traffic irrespective of the ranking. Give user what he wants – a good experience!

SEO services New York suggests strategies to deploy for improving work search engine rankings. Read on to find out more…..

  • Measure the loading time

Get a good tool in order to measure loading times. You can just google “load time tool” and you would be getting many tools. SEO experts suggest that you use Google analytics site speed, as it will be more accurate.

This might take a while for the larger sites. So, just be patient. The tools along with load time will also report data for first byte, user time, time to fully load the website, number of images and the percentage of them, HTML files in it etc.

  • Move to a better server

Now that you realize that, your present server is too slow, move to a faster server that caters to your needs. Upgrade your present account. Instead of using a shared account for the large website of yours with so many pages, frequent edits as the provider would not be able to provide the required speed.

Let us say that your website hosting provider is not good even after the migration. Move on to a better provider who understands your needs.

  • Optimize the code and images

There are cases where the server is fast but the site is not. If you did not optimize your code and images for fast loading, then you might face speed issues. The task of optimizing would take a long time but for the sake of your customers and traffic, you have to bear the burden.

As usual, compress the images or use smaller images. For web languages such as HTML, JavaScript and others, there are tricks to optimize the code.

Website speed might not be the sole factor, but it does affect your ranking. Have more suggestions? We would be glad to hear from you!





Tips to Improve Your Web Designing Skills by M2Soft

Web designing is an continuous learning process. It is that aspect where new innovations and developments emerge frequently. Therefore it is  essential for every  web designer to enhance and update their web designing skills constantly. Designers have to design their website which is  eye catchy and it impose the target audience instantly. It is  possible only when the site stands out from its competitors in all the aspects.



Tips for web designers to  improve their designing skills:
Be innovative:
It is required for web designers to be ahead of times in terms of technology and new trends. They should find newer ways to make their designs trendy, Creative, and informative. With the help of newer trends and templates customers can be easily roped in and the website gets huge traffic.

Learn and identify good designs:

In order to built good designs it is necessary for the web designers to recognise the difference between the good design and the worst ones. This emerges from constant earning and experience. The more experience the designer is the faster one can perceive the better design.

Research on design theory:

In the fast moving competitive marketplace, Designers has to be in the game , they needs to understand the stuff from the source. It is vital for every web designer to read about new design techniques or trends and most importantly  follow it and incorporate it in their designs so that they are able to create a WOW effect on their designs.

Read books blogs and tutorials : 

A successful web designer is one who continuously reads web designs related blogs or tutorials to keep updated.  Constant reading of such magazines will aid valuable insights to the designer. Also reading daily blogs, articles pertaining to latest design trends will give updated insights on the work.

Build healthy relationships:

It is vital for the web designer to be involved in conferences, events, workshops etc for Active online and offline presence. This act will enable exchange of ideas and will increase the coverage of the potential clients of the web designer.

Constant learning of new aspects, eagerness to adapt to new changes enable the web designers to excel in their field.   

Twitter will increase Direct message character limit from 140 to 10,000 from july

The micro-blogging network  Twitter has announced that it will remove the 140-character limit on direct messages from July. Twitter users will soon be able to send longer direct messages Because twitter is  will be eliminating the extending 140-character limit to 10,000.

Twitter’s product manager for direct messages Sachin Agarwal said :

“We’ve done a lot to improve direct messages over the past year and have much more exciting work on the horizon”

“You may be wondering what this means for the public side of Twitter. Nothing! Tweets will continue to be the 140 characters they are today.”

It is worth mentioning that the character limit has been extended only for direct messages, and not for tweets themselves, which will stay limited at 140 characters. “You may be wondering what this means for the public side of Twitter. Nothing! Tweets will continue to be the 140 characters they are today,” added Agarwal.

The social media website on Wednesday introduced a feature to export and import block lists. With the new feature, Twitter users can curate their own list of blocked users on the micro-blogging network and share it with others. This is said to help make Twitter spam-free and safer. Other users on the platform can also add more users to the shared list by importing to their accounts.

It also introduced changes to how conversations are shown on the tweet page which might save users some time untangling the usual mess of conversation replies surrounding a tweet.

E-commerce is one such definite pasture that can treat you success

If you think that your static website requires e-commerce solutions to be beneficial then you are right in a way.

Static website is best suited to the kind of business that does not have a large product inventory that it wishes to sell on-line, does not require a member’s login facility, or does not need to have news-special offers added to the site over time. For example, a holiday cottage website might simply need a few pages that include details of the cottage, some photos of the rooms, a page giving ‘how to find us’ directions, and a contact form where visitors can inquire about making a booking.

e-commerce solutions is known to have made businesses more proficient. But before do that, we need to know how e-commerce solutions works and which of its aspects can utilize to enhance the prospect of any business. Lets begin by learning what e-commerce is all about.

e-commerce website design solutions is very popular and useful to managing products, customer database and orders all on the one website

E-Commerce solutions are made to make things easier in the website. Invest in a good shopping cart solution and enjoy the benefits it offers.

E-commerce solutions that you could use it to boost lead generation and provide values to customers in the site itself which they would get just by click of the mouse. Here’s a dynamic and interactive medium for you, that is, e-commerce that would provides innumerable ways to service your existing customers and also find new ones.

When it comes to the business, e-Commerce also entails designing and the focused approach with the flexibility to look at new things of life and commerce. What is essentially required for a businessman is the understanding to effectively and in time realize what a customer needs, wants and how to improve his ability to deliver.

E-commerce is one such definite pasture that can treat you success. These features would encompass various aspects like:

  • Developing a user-friendly cart
  • Optimizing site text and graphics for search engines
  • Setting up and designing your product categories and subcategories
  • Importing your initial product line into your site

Understanding the challenges of the highly competitive world of electronic commerce we build solutions that help our clients stand ahead of the competitors.

Custom Website Design Rules

custom website design – it’s too many graphical elements in a website design is a mistake, therefore it’s too much time takes in loading and display, so we are solve all problem and makes up a good one.

Including too many graphical elements in a website design is a mistake. They take endless time in loading for display. Let us know what makes up a good custom website design.

1) Splash Pages is not Advisable

Splash pages are the first pages that opens up when you click a website. They are made of colorful designs, and the images are usually lavish and graphics with texts like “welcome to our site” or “click here to enter”. They distract and can divert the attention of a visitor on your website. Do not give your visitors a reason to click on the “back” button!

2) Banners are not Productive

Banners are primarily placed on the right top of the page that is called the ‘header’. Even the newbie to the internet knows to ignore banner ads, so placing them would only waste precious space in a custom website design. Its better to add useful contents and place affiliate links tactfully into them.

3) Navigation Should be Easy

Keep navigation simple so that even a child or layman can use it. Do not use menus that will confuse users, and also drop downs and multi-tiers are not advisable. Complicated navigation will compel them to leave your site. Your website design should include a sitemap for them to find easily what they want.

4) Don’t let Your Visitors Feel “Lost”!

When visitors are involved in browsing your site, make sure they know which part of the site they are in.. This will offer the visitor with their right location while they search around your web site. Ensure each page of your website design has a title and a tracking system is used to let visitors see where they have been and where they are right now. Confusions will make the visitors leave.

5) Is Audio Necessary for You?

Avoid the use of music.. A sound file should not be played constantly. It can be irritating to the user. Adding audios may sound appealing but then you should provide some kind of user control like muting ability or volume control so that your visitors can manage it accordingly. If you want more visitors to come to your site, learn to apply above website design rules. This will help you in reaping the advantages of long term traffic.

E-commerce is one such definite pasture that can treat you success

E-commerce solutions is known to have made businesses more proficient. But before do that, we need to know how e-commerce solutions works and which of its aspects can utilize to enhance the prospect of any business. Lets begin by learning what e-commerce is all about.

If you think that your static website requires e-commerce solutions to be beneficial then you are right in a way.

Static website is best suited to the kind of business that does not have a large product inventory that it wishes to sell on-line, does not require a member’s login facility, or does not need to have news-special offers added to the site over time.

For example, a holiday cottage website might simply need a few pages that include details of the cottage, some photos of the rooms, a page giving ‘how to find us’ directions, and a contact form where visitors can inquire about making a booking.

e-commerce solutions is known to have made businesses more proficient. But before do that, we need to know how e-commerce solutions works and which of its aspects can utilize to enhance the prospect of any business. Lets begin by learning what e-commerce is all about.

e-commerce website design solutions is very popular and useful to managing products, customer database and orders all on the one website

E-Commerce solutions are made to make things easier in the website. Invest in a good shopping cart solution and enjoy the benefits it offers.

E-commerce solutions that you could use it to boost lead generation and provide values to customers in the site itself which they would get just by click of the mouse. Here’s a dynamic and interactive medium for you, that is, e-commerce that would provides innumerable ways to service your existing customers and also find new ones.

When it comes to the business, e-Commerce also entails designing and the focused approach with the flexibility to look at new things of life and commerce. What is essentially required for a businessman is the understanding to effectively and in time realize what a customer needs, wants and how to improve his ability to deliver.

E-commerce is one such definite pasture that can treat you success. These features would encompass various aspects like:

•Developing a user-friendly cart
•Optimizing site text and graphics for search engines
•Setting up and designing your product categories and subcategories
•Importing your initial product line into your site

Understanding the challenges of the highly competitive world of electronic commerce we build solutions that help our clients stand ahead of the competitors.

EcommWD is a leading e-commerce website design company in India which offering affordable e-commerce web design solutions, search engine optimization services, corporate identity and branding.

Web Design Quotes, Part I

There are a lot of questions that need to be asked in order to give you a firm quote over the phone. The number of pages you want to build, in most cases, doesn’t play too much into the cost because of today’s web design tools. What you put into your site has more of an impact on the costs than the number of pages. This month we will talk about the look and feel, and your logo designs.

Template Design Tips:

Look & Feel – Do you have a look and feel in mind, or would you like the web designer to come up with one?

If you have your web designer come up with how this will look, always offer your input. This is your website and YOU should always be happy with the results. Don’t be forced to put in things that aren’t needed, or that will break the budget.

Logo – Do you have a logo already designed, or will one be created? Not all web design companies are great at designing logos. Some web design companies will use a graphic designer from another company to design your logo. Find out how they do this before you choose a web designer.

Which is better, a web design company that can do everything under the sun, or a web design company that uses other companies to design and build their graphics? The answer is simple. Both are more than acceptable. You don’t have to have one company do everything. What you want is the right logo design, not one you have to settle for. Ask for the name of the graphic design house being used so you can check them out as well. Remember, this is YOUR site.

Do you need a specialty font for your logo? If so, please include the font name with your request as the web designer may need to go out and buy the font. Often times you will be charged for this. In those cases just make sure you get a receipt from the font company itself. The web designer can forward this to you after they buy the font.

Web Design Quote, Part II

This month we will be talking about whether you need a text based site, or a graphical one. We will also discuss your site’s navigation. Where there are so many options out there to choose from, we will try and help you make an informed choice.

Text Based or Graphical Based – Will you need a site designed that is more of a text based, graphical based, or a good mix between the two?

This really despends on what your target audience is. Just 5 years ago you had to worry about how large images, flash and videos were because of dial-up users. With DSL now being the low end standard used by web designers, this isn’t as much of an issue.

But if you are publishing information, studies, reports on the government (grin), then you really don’t need to be talked into a high end graphic based design. A simple set of graphics will suffice. A clean look and feel is all that is needed.

If your selling something on the web, then your products will definitely be what drives the site’s graphics. Flash elements is also a possibility here. Something to spice up your site that will be pleasing, but not overbearing to the users.

But sometimes you just want to go wild with graphics and flash. There is never anything wrong with doing that IF your target audience is pulled in, and not driven away from the site taking so long to load. Gamers are likely to have faster connections to the web. So building a site with high end graphics and flash will fit the target audience, and draw them in.

Site Navigation – When deciding on where to place your navigation, keep a few things in mind.

If you go with a horizonal layout, you will need to take into consideration on how long the names of your naviagtion links are. If you have too many links, it would make sense in going with a vertical layout.

Will you need dynamic drop-down menus (mouse over links on site). This is by far the best way to build your site if you have too many links for a horizontal layout, and don’t want to update every page when you add a new link with a vertical layout. It also gives you the flexibility to keep building new pages, and make one simple update to the menu system.

Web Design Quotes IV – Special Programming

This month we will discuss whether or not you need special programming added to your site. The subjects will be Flash and Database Development.

Flash – To help make your site look dynamic, flash elements could be added into your front or sub pages. From simple picture transitions to the complex movement options, today’s tools you pay a fraction of the cost for that professional, artistic, informational or dynamic look. But what is the right amount, and when is it too much?

Flash has really come a long way. You don’t often see the loading bars come up as often, and this is due to two major factors. One is the speed in which you surf the web. DSL is the low end standard used today, and it is an excellent benchmark. But speed isn’t the only factor. With so many different tools out there for building Flash, you some great ways of compressing images before they are inserted, vector art to help keep clarity, and Flash itself has added some great compression filters. So things load quicker, while the images themselves have become much larger. Look at any website for a new blockbuster movie that is coming out and you will likely see large graphic being used, movement, voice and/or music, but not the loading bar.

Know your target audience. You will see this throughout this blog. High end flash does not make sense if your target audience is going to have to wait before every page comes up. Sometimes having both a html and flash version of the site is a good alternative. But it can become costly to update two sites.

The only drawback to flash at this time is that the search engines can not read text in the flash files. So if you rely on this alone, you will have a harder time placing in or near the top of places like Google, Yahoo, MSN and But they are working on it!

Database Development – Will your site require a database? If you need to gather information from your users, and don’t want to type it all out into a spreadsheet later, then the answer is yes. This will allow you to have the ability to quickly look up certain fields to sort the information you’ve gathered.

If you come to the conclusion that you need a database, please try to write down your needs beforehand. What fields might be needed, how you want to sort everything out. This will make it easier for a web designer to come up with an estimated quote. But don’t be afraid to ask about alternative methods. Sometimes cost is a factor. Don’t spend more than you can afford. The web is flexible now. What you may not have today, you can add tomorrow when it fits into your budget.

Please Note: Some database projects can not be quoted over the phone due to the size and complexities of your project. A face to face meeting to hammer out the details will be required. So if you hear something like that, don’t be taken back that they are trying to force you into their offices. You want no hidden surprises down the road. This, in many cases, makes the most sense to do.

Web Design Quotes V – Content Management

This month we will talk about whether you need a content management system, or if just using good ole html is the correct way to go.

Content Management is something that can make your life easier when you want to update a site yourself. You securely login to the system, select the page you want to work on, and make the changes needed. It really can be that simple.

But there are a lot of different ways to do this. Active Server Pages (ASP) is one method, which is now easily read by the search engines. Personal Home Pages, or Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is another method of content management, but does have some difficulty of getting the site indexed. But they are working on this and hopefully soon, this too will change and be another method to use. Cold Fusion is another method that for some sites it turns out to be the best option. But when do you need a Content Management system, and when don’t you.

If you’re someone who wants to update their own site and don’t have any web experience or don’t feel comfortable about changing html code, then this is definitely for you. It allows you to be able to add new pages, change your navigation around without having to pay anyone a single dime. It is a very cost effective way to maintain your site.

But what if you have no plans on updating your site? If you plan on using your web designer for all of your updating needs, then it would be better to go with an html version, and not an asp, php or coldfusion type of site. That has more to do with html being much more flexible from a design standpoint than a content management version. Templates, which is what content management software will create, are limited in what you can do with them. In html you have full functionality, and can create anything your heart desires.

So the short answer is if you want to update your site yourself, a content management system would be the best. To put them in order for how the search engines index them, asp, php and then coldfusion. Sticking with asp as the best method as of today.

Web Design Quote – Part VI – Ecommerce

This month we are going to talk about ecommerce websites. You can have one developed from scratch, use Paypal, use a web hosting company product live Miva, or use a software package developed by a ecommerce software company that can be adapted to fit your needs.

Developed from scratch – If a web developer puts together a software package from scratch so that it is completely customized for you, make sure that you have a need to spend that kind of money. If your store is only going to sell a few items, then it doesn’t make sense to spend thousands of dollars for a customized store. You could better use that money for site enhancements, advertising, or to just keep in the bank. There is no need to over spend just for the sake of having something customized.

Paypal – If you have just a couple of items to sell, why go through the hassle of getting an online merchant account from your bank when you can just use PayPal. You no longer need to have a Paypal account to use it. Also with Paypal you don’t have to purchase a site certificate as they use their own when the creditcard information is added in. So this option makes the most sense if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

There is a worry for some that Paypal is the poor man’s version of Verisign. But seeing Paypal owns BOTH, don’t be fooled.

Web Hosting with 3rd Party Software – This is a method that will work out great for some, but not for others. If you have a hosting company that you have been using, and they offer you a software package, please take some serious questions to heart. If it is a webhosting company that you have been using for quite some time, and you are really happy with them, choosing this method can be a good option. But find out how much more it will cost per month to use their system. If your web hosting plan goes up a lot, then you will need to know that to plan your budget.

Another consideration is if you use this kind of system, and you go to a different web hosting company, you need to rebuild your store from both a database and html standpoint. Your database will be at the old web hosting company. While some will allow you to download your store’s database output, it is not always the case. The other factor you need to think about is if the new hosting company has the same software. If they do and it is an older version, can it adapt the output from a newer release, or will you need to input every single product all over again? These are serious considerations to keep in mind when you decide what method of selling your products or services.

Out of the box adaptable solution – This is the most flexible for when you want to build a store to sell lots of products. Everything is built in and you can adapt the template to get a very close look and feel from your current site. But the great thing about this is you pay one price to buy the software. They come in different flavors to meet your needs. Some may need the high end version. Others may not need all the bells and whistles. But the best part about it is this. If you go to another web hosting company, you can first download the entire store to your hard drive (especially the latest database) and just upload to the new server. Just match servers. By that I mean if your store was running on a Windows based server, put it on a Windows based server at the new web hosting company.

You will still need to tweak, and possibly pay someone to make the move. But think about it. What costs more. Having to put in every single product again, or pay a small fee to have it set up to a new web hosting company. A couple of hours verses many, depending on how many products you need to have put back in.

Merchant Accounts – If you don’t have one, then your only option is Paypal, or a company like it. If you have a brick and morter merchant account already established, it won’t work for the web. You will need to jump through the same hoops you did before.

You can go through your own bank, or check the web for other type of options that exist. Verisign has a great set of FAQ’s that will assist you with this.

Site Certificates – If you don’t have one, don’t expect to sell a single item. They used to be expensive, but now you can get them below $150 per year. What will they do for you? That little lock that appears on your site only comes up if the website has a site certificate. Sometimes a web hosting company has a shared one you can use. That will save you a little money, but most often your links go from a domain name to an IP address. So if your domain name was, when the certificate is in use it would change to a set of numbers like Not the pretiest way to go, and often times it can make a user think they are going to give their information out to someone who will steal their identity. That would likely mean a lost sale. Remember, most people are not going to know an IP address is ok. All they will focus on is the change from a domain name to an IP address. Why take the chance?

Simple Tips for Your Ecommerce Website Design Success

Ecommerce website is a craze in this age of high competition that has infected even the virtual world. Captivating and professional looking ecommerce website design is no longer enough as it needs to be highly interactive in order to be more functional. It is the world of ecommerce and you are cordially welcome here. A solid strategy of online marketing is needed to run your business and ecommerce should be made a part of it. Remember that an appealing look can up the visitors-to-customers conversion ratio only if the functional aspect of the website is not neglected.

Here are five proven tips to make your ecommerce endeavour a success!

Exhibit your product portfolio

Identify your target market and get a survey done on your potential buyers before architecting your website. Within a few seconds of visiting your website, they should know what you sell. Use flash to introduce some of your products. Offer of money back guarantee or discounts must be highlighted in such a way that they are clearly visible. Right positioning of products is very much important and a winning strategy must be employed for that. All of your products must be listed on the home page of your website.

It is better to accommodate their names on the side bar. The main menu bar should also contain a drop-down box about the product names.

Prioritize utility

An ideal ecommerce website design should feature easy navigation, allowing the visitors to voyage through the pages with ease. Continuity in shopping options is very important in times of purchase. Make sure to integrate an option that enables the visitors to have a quick view of the shopping cart. They should also have an option to add or delete items as such user-friendly feature adds to shopping experience.

Focus on cross selling to increase average sale

If your product profiles have complementary products, focus on cross sale could see your sale increasing. Follow a non-disruptive style to suggest other products. For example, if a customer has added a shampoo to her shopping cart, suggest that she should also buy a conditioner by using automation or a simple pop-up. Your ecommerce website must integrate all the effective functions and features as you must not let go any single opportunity to sell your items.

An option of checkout

Most of the ecommerce websites ask the visitors to create an account before taking a tour of the products on sale. Many buyers don’t like giving up their details even before having a glance over the saleable items. Include an option that allows the visitors to get a look of your website without forcing them give up their information.

Last but not the least; use a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to assure your customers of extreme privacy regarding details provided by them. Employ service of a renowned website design Melbourne company as you can expect them to follow these tips while crafting your ecommerce site.

Best of Java script interview questions with answers

1. What is JavaScript?
JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that can be inserted into HTML pages and is understood by web browsers.
2. Enumerate the differences between Java and JavaScript?
Java is a complete programming language. In contrast, JavaScript is a coded program that can be introduced to HTML pages. These two languages are not at all inter-dependent and are designed for the different intent.  Java is an object oriented programming (OOPS) or structured programming language like C++ or C whereas JavaScript is a client-side scripting language and it is said to be unstructured programming.
3. What is the use of isNaN function?
isNan function returns true if the argument is not a number otherwise it is false.
4. Between JavaScript and an ASP script, which is faster?
JavaScript is faster. JavaScript is a client-side language and thus it does not need the assistance of the web server to execute. On the other hand, ASP is a server-side language and hence is always slower than JavaScript.
5. What are JavaScript types?
Following are the JavaScript types:
  • Number
  • String
  • Boolean
  • Function
  • Object
  • Null
  • Undefined
6. Is it possible to break JavaScript Code into several lines?
Breaking within a string statement can be done by the use of a backslash, ‘\’, at the end of the first line.
7. What is negative infinity?
Negative Infinity is a number in JavaScript which can be derived by dividing negative number by zero.
8. Which company developed JavaScript?
Netscape is the software company who developed JavaScript.
9. What are undeclared and undefined variables?
Undeclared variables are those that do not exist in a program and are not declared. If the program tries to read the value of an undeclared variable, then a runtime error is encountered. Undefined variables are those that are declared in the program but have not been given any value. If the program tries to read the value of an undefined variable, an undefined value is returned.
10. What is a prompt box?
A prompt box is a box which allows the user to enter input by providing a text box.  Label and box will be provided to enter the text or number.
11. What is ‘this’ keyword in JavaScript?
‘This’ keyword is used to point at the current object in the code. For instance: If the code is presently at an object created by the help of the ‘new’ keyword, then ‘this’ keyword will point to the object being created.
12. What are global variables? How are these variable declared and what are the problems associated with using them?
Global variables are those that are available throughout the length of the code, that is, these have no scope. The var keyword is used to declare a local variable or object. If the var keyword is omitted, a global variable is declared.
// Declare a global globalVariable = “Test”;
The problems that are faced by using global variables are the clash of variable names of local and global scope. Also, it is difficult to debug and test the code that relies on global variables.
13. What is ‘this’ keyword in JavaScript?
‘This’ keyword is used to point at the current object in the code. For instance: If the code is presently at an object created by the help of the ‘new’ keyword, then ‘this’ keyword will point to the object being created.
14. Explain the working of timers in JavaScript? Also elucidate the drawbacks of using the timer, if any?
Timers are used to execute a piece of code at a set time or also to repeat the code in a given interval of time. This is done by using the functions setTimeout, setInterval and clearInterval.
The setTimeout(function, delay) function is used to start a timer that calls a particular function after the mentioned delay. The setInterval(function, delay) function is used to repeatedly execute the given function in the mentioned delay and only halts when cancelled. The clearInterval(id) function instructs the timer to stop.
Timers are operated within a single thread, and thus events might queue up, waiting to be executed.
15. Which symbol is used for comments in Javascript?
// for Single line comments and
/*   Multi
16. What is the difference between ViewState and SessionState?
‘ViewState’ is specific to a page in a session. ‘SessionState’ is specific to user specific data that can be accessed across all pages in the web application.
17. Explain how can you submit a form using JavaScript?
To submit a form using JavaScript use document.form[0].submit();
18. What is === operator?
=== is called as strict equality operator which returns true when the two operands are having the same value without any type conversion.
19. Does JavaScript support automatic type conversion?
Yes JavaScript does support automatic type conversion, it is the common way of type conversion used by JavaScript developers.
20. Explain how to read and write a file using JavaScript?
There are two ways to read and write a file using JavaScript
  • Using JavaScript extensions
  • Using a web page and Active X objects

ECommerce Website Designing

In todays Online Marketing World Online Shopping is more preferable than selling without having a web presence.With the emergence of smartphones and mobile friendly sites, good internet speed the Users prefer to shop online instead of visiting several places.
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Best new web design tools for 2015

Many new design tools entered in the market This year. internet-makers are fighting back with a plethora of tools that aim to make your life as a designer that little bit better.
Static mockups are becoming less useful and the lines between designer and developer are becoming increasingly blurred. As we work more collaboratively with one another the tools we use are having to change.
Our experts have picked out some top tools that are changing the way we think about design, and are key to helping us establish these new processes…

1. Pixate

Pixate is an app that has been created for making intuitive, interactive prototypes for iOS and Android. What sets Pixate apart from other tools I’ve used is its drag-and-drop animation and interaction panel.
To make an element interactive, all you need to do is simply select the interaction you’d like to use, be that double-tap, drag, tap or one of the other native interactions it provides.
Drag this onto your element, set some variables, and voilà – using the Pixate iOS or Android app gives you a real-time working prototype on your device.

The app allows you to build up an asset library really quickly. To start creating your prototype, just drag and drop your assets into the app and you’ll find them in your layers palette ready to use.

2. Affinity

Affinity app is incredibly well designed and it feels like it’s been made to be a dedicated web and graphic design tool. There were a few features that we really enjoyed, including adjustable nondestructive layers – which essentially means you can adjust images or vectors without damaging them.
The 1,000,000 percent zoom was just bliss (very often Photoshop’s 32,000 feels like it’s just not enough). This is especially useful when working with vector art, as you can really get in close. The undo and history features are also really handy – Affinity allows you to go back over 8,000 steps!

When it comes to designing, the UI feels familiar. When moving from Photoshop, everyone seems to want to start over, which can pose a real challenge.

What Affinity has done is kept the layout familiar while tightening everything up and hiding distractions. I was easily able to jump straight in and get designing.
Overall, Affinity feels like it could be a real competitor to Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch, and at just £34.99 it’s a real bargain!

3. Avocode

Avocode makes it extremely easy for a frontend developer to code websites or apps from Photoshop or Sketch designs. It’s built by the same team that brought us CSS Hat and PNG Hat, so it’s not surprising they’ve taken the exporting process one step further here.
Although previous apps have allowed you to export assets, what makes Avocode really special is that you can use its Photoshop plugin to sync your PSD into Avocode with just one click.
Avocode quickly and automatically analyses your PSD or Sketch file and brings everything into a beautifully designed UI. You then have full control over how you export assets, including SVG exporting as standard.

You can also click elements in the design, and copy and paste the code into a text editor of your choice. It looks like there’s going to be Atom integration soon, which will make this process even slicker.

“It gives users everything they need for coding – a preview of the design, and access to all layers and export assets,” says Avocode co-founder Vu Hoang Anh. “The best thing is that developers won’t need Photoshop or Sketch at all. The current workflow really sucks and that’s why we created Avocode.”

4. Antetype

Antetype is a new tool for creating responsive UIs for apps and websites. It  create high-fidelity prototypes, but not production files. This is actually a good thing – the team is focused on exactly what it is creating, and it’s not trying to make an app that replaces developers.
Tim Klauck, UX Director at Antetype said : 
“Frustrated using photo editing tools for UX design, we wanted a tool designed for UX design with a better understanding of content and layout,”
“Auto-layout and widgets allow us to rapidly iterate our designs while maintaining consistency.”
On download you’re given a fairly basic widget library, which you can use to quickly create prototypes and start designing. Antetype provides a library of devices and OS designs including iOS, Android and Windows to start with. There is also an active community section on the site, where you can download UI kits from other Antetype users.
The thing that sets Antetype apart from other prototyping tools is you can actually create responsive prototypes and add some neat interactions – ideal for presenting ideas to a client.

5. Sketch

Sketch has gained a massive following since it launched in 2009. The latest version includes great new features such as improved exporting, symbols and simplified vector modes.
Pieter Omvlee, founder of Bohemian Coding said : 
“When we set out to build Sketch, we envisioned an app for the modern digital designer,”
“We have tried to do that with key improvements to basic functionality and radical new features. We’ve been humbled by the enthusiasm with which people have started using Sketch and the amazing work they have created already.”

I had used the last version of Sketch for a limited time but found it to be buggy and not to my liking. However, after using Sketch 3 for a few hours I was pleased to see those bugs had been ironed out and the app overall much improved. It’s great to see features such as the new grid tool, which makes it easy to create grids for your designs.

I also really like how Sketch has incorporated CSS logic into the app. This makes converting your designs into CSS much easier, as you have to use CSS logic when applying styles. Another feature which is really handy for speeding up the design/development crossover is Automatic Slicing.
Without having to manually add slices, Sketch can create assets using one-click export, which will be exported at 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 3x and in various formats such as PNG, JPG and TIFF. I’m looking forward to seeing what Sketch does next.

6. Form

Form is not a typical design tool in that there’s no tools or layers palette. Using the app feels like a mix of design and code.
While you can’t actually create graphics in the app, you can insert them and use what Form calls ‘patches’ to add gestures and interactions. The Mac app requires you to also use the iOS app so you can view your prototype in real time and interact with it.
“Form is an app design and prototyping tool with the goal of producing designs that are closer to what you get in production,” explains Relative Wave creative coder Max Weisel. “We want designers to work directly on the production side of an app, and at the same time free up engineers to focus on more complex problems.”
There are some great tutorials on how to use Form, but the process is rather complex if, you are used to creating visuals in Photoshop. Moving an image to the centre of your device, for example, is achieved using Superview variables and Match Patches.
Once in place you use maths to divide the width and height and connect them to the X and Y positions in Image View. Group those together, rename the variables and adjust the X and Y anchor points. This process is  fairly complex.
However, once you get your head around the processes, you can create stunning prototypes. Having access to the device’s camera and other sensors means the prototypes you create are just as powerful as the coded app would be.

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Why SEO Does not work

As you all know SEO works very well for different kinds of online business. It is a powerful tool for every online business. but sometimes it does not works because of some reasons.
Here are some reasons for ” Why SEO not work” : 
1. Not the right links:
Link building is not about building links, It is about building the right links. If the links are not right and not from trustworthy sources,then there are higher chances of  being neglected by the Google. Also those links that are emerged from the page that have no authority are overlooked by the search engine. Links that are nestled in one place i.e. in the right side bar or those that are not authentic will not be counted by Google either. 
2. Not the right content:
 Inaccurate content also causes problem in link building. Content should be evergreen and the visitors look for a piece of content that renders wide coverage of information under one singe roof. Also certain content does not match with the expectations of the searchers also are not interpreted by the search engines as on-topic etc. 
3. Not the right domain:
 There might be some problem with the domain and one may not have the right domain. The domain might not be topic or content centric and are not as per the expectation of Google and searchers. Also many a times the search behavior is biased by the brand itself as there might be no brand affinity between the topic, that keyword and what is in the mind of the searcher. 
4. Accessibility or technical issues:
 On the final note there can be some accessibility or technical issues which lead to error in the page. As the content is not the displayed on page in the proper form and there will be some issue with the cache; all these will create problem with link building.

E-commerce Website Designing company in India

As an professional eCommerce web development service, you need to analyze your client’s requirement of making E-commerce website by understanding its business products as well as their business processes. Innovation is required each time we deal with a new client and so our team of designers and developers who will work according to our client’s requirement.

professional E-commerce web development services

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Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Pune

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Ecommerce web design

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How to make Ecommerce Website?

If you are going to do online business, the very first question that comes to your mind is how to make e-commerce website ? We Tanish Infotech Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. provide you with the whole package of e-commerce solutions which is essential to start any online business i.e. to build an e-commerce website and to sell the products online.

When this question raises in your mind that how to make e-commerce websitesuccessful, you need to do SEO along with that to appear in the top search results. So that, when people search for the keywords related to your business, your website will appear on top search results.

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There is always something going on here at Media Orb, when we are not too busy creating great looking websites or getting the tills ringing on our customers online shops we like to kick back and have a little fun. From inter office football tournaments to giving a little back by getting involved in local community projects and sponsorship fundraising events, we are a pretty busy bunch.
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Usable Ecommerce Website Design

You think designing an eCommerce website is for big businesses only, so you could be wrong, you can have it for your start up business or any small business that you are running. We Tanish Infotech Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is an ecommerce website design firm here in Pune, India.
Our Affordable E-commerce Website Design Development services offers you with the excellent service including payment gateways, SEO and user friendly website. So, what are you waiting for, create your online store today itself by designing your website from our team of professional website designers. We design and develop your website in such a way that drives traffic to your website and will improve your brand and makes your identity online.

Affordable web development services

Tips for helping in Ecommerce website

  • Plan your blog and its structure
  • Use a good platform
  • Quality and regular content

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New WordPress CMS and E-Commerce Websites now live

We are pleased to announce the WordPress CMS website and a E-Commerce website are now live.
Please take a look.

Many Thanks
The Media Orb Team

E-Commerce is One Such Definite Way to Treat Your Success

We live in the era where virtual presence of our business matters a lot. An online presence of your business makes it accessible to its users.

If you take ecommerce services from some Ecommerce website designing company, it will not just support to you making your presence online but also generates profits for you. Ecommerce allows you to put your business on auto pilot during non-business hours and still reap the rewards.

An ecommerce website design and development helps you to make websites as you want either it be business to business, business to consumer, business to employee, consumer to business, consumer to consumer.

It is very important that your website design is user friendly. This article will outline some usability flaws that I notice on many websites I visit. It is important that you understand these myths before you go and see your website designer.

Benefits of having online business:

  1. You can reach your targeted audience very quickly.
  2. There will be no rest for your business. Since you run your business through the internet, it can be easily accessible at any time. So you can sell your product or services at anytime.

3.It is possible to do changes in your website whenever you like. Suppose if you want to add some more products or service in your website, you can easily do that.

Professional E-Commerce Website Design or a DIY E-Commerce Website.

Americans spent $200 billion online in 2011. The opportunity for retailers is huge–but you’re not going to grab it with a DIY website.

A report this week from Forrester Research confirmed what just about everybody in business already knew: Americans are buying online and they are buying a lot.

The study reported that Americans spent more than $200 billion online in 2011 and projected that total would rise to $327 billion in 2016. The 2016 figure represents 9 percent of all retail sales (up from 7 percent in 2011).

Among the report’s interesting findings:

-53 percent of Americans made an online purchase in 2011.

-58 percent are expected to make an online purchase in 2016.

People believe they get the best deals when shopping online.

Tablet devices like the iPad have spurred online impulse buying.

If these stats don’t make you want to re-evaluate your e-commerce efforts—and perhaps plan a redesign!—they should.

An attractive, well-organized website, with a back-end that functions seamlessly and a shopping cart that makes the purchasing process as easy and intuitive as possible will do wonders for your bottom line.

Ten years ago, building a quality e-commerce website was a highly expensive proposition. You had to hire an outside firm to do it. Today, businesses can use any number of open-source platforms to build a complex, yet relatively inexpensive e-commerce site.

But just because you can do it yourself, should you?

I say no. It’s too critical to your business not to get right. Granted, I work at a Web design firm, but hear me out.

These cookie-cutter websites that people are peddling for $1000 or less may be fine for some kid with a blog or a pizza parlour looking to put their menu and phone number online, but for most businesses, they just look cheesy.

Here’s the thing about cheap, template-driven websites: They look like every other cheap website out there. And that cheapens your brand. It makes you look like you don’t take your marketing and messaging seriously.

Custom designs are always going to cost more but the result is something you’ll never get from a generic template: a site that’s been designed to drive real business for you. That requires a team of people including an information architect, a designer, a front-end coder, a back-end developer, a quality assurance expert, and a project manager to coordinate all of the work.

But first, you must find the right design team, Media Orb. Look for one that understands your business and how to best promote your business online. When you are interviewing potential designers, make sure they can point to specific case studies of successful projects they have completed for other clients.

The design process should always start with a planning phase: That’s when your designer should demonstrate an understanding of your business, the competitive landscape, and the goals for the project.

This is followed by the design stage, where your team will map out the look and feel of the site and lay out the navigation and functionality requirements.

Finally, after all of the site specs are agreed upon, the front and back-end coding will begin. At this stage, the quality assurance process tests the site’s functionality across a variety of browsers.

It’s not a fast or cheap process. (And, by the way, it doesn’t end there: The next step involves driving traffic to it with sound marketing strategies.)

If want to be in business, then you need to be online. But if you’re doing a bad job of it online, you have no business being in business in the first place.

Kind Regards

The Media Orb Team


we are pleased to announce that Media Orb Limited are now official users of Rackspace world leader server solutions. Rackspace can boast clients such as Vodafone, Renault,, Go Compare and Virgin Trains to name a few.

A Managed Hosting environment from Rackspace offers you the flexibility to build a truly tailored solution. Whatever Managed Hosting solution you choose, we do our best to ensure you’ve got a stable operating environment with our 100% network up-time guarantee, so you can focus on your business.

So if you require dedicated website hosting and email support look no further than Media Orb.

Why is my Facebook timeline photo / cover blurry?

Media Orb’s guide to great quality Facebook Timeline covers

With the compulsory introduction of Facebook’s timeline, it has become very important to have a great Facebook timeline cover, as this is the first thing anyone viewing a profile will notice; in order to minimise bandwidth however, Facebook’s developers have been pretty heavy-handed with timeline photo compression which means that, without the right optimisation, timeline photos will look blurry and distorted. Fortunately, through a great deal of trial and error, we have found the best Photoshop settings to export a Facebook timeline cover that minimises blurriness and jpeg artefacts.

Image Dimensions

On photoshop, create a new file with these settings for your
timeline cover

For some reason, Facebook’s developers have neglected to forcefully resize profile pictures and timeline covers to the size they appear on the front-end of a profile. This is the major cause for blurriness. Facebook profile pictures must be uploaded with a minimum width of 180px, yet they display at 160px x 160px, without Facebook resizing the cached image, which means that the user’s web browser is forced to resize the image on the fly (bad practice generally!). This is why profile pictures are always a bit blurry, but this is unavoidable unfortunately. The problem is not unsolvable for timeline covers however, which means as long as a timeline cover is sized at 851px x 315px, it will not be resized by the users browser which means you can avoid that nasty re-sampling!
The following table shows Facebook’s image sizes as displayed.

Image type Width Height
Timeline Cover Photo
Profile Picture
160px (must be uploaded at 180px)
These are the results when the timeline cover is 1px by 1px smaller than it needs to be. Notice the blurriness of the text.

JPEG Compression Quality

The other major factor that creates nasty blurriness is the file size of the timeline cover. Simply put, if the image uploaded is larger than 100 kilobytes, then Facebook will re-compress the image. This results in an image being compressed twice (which really messes up the image), and also being compressed more strongly than it would be if it was uploaded with a file size less than 100kb.

This image was uploaded at 90 quality with a file size of 145.5kb. Facebook resampled the image down to 58.14kb. This looks a lot better than a wrongly sized image, but it’s still not as good as it could be.
These are the settings used for our final timeline cover

The easiest way to maximise image quality for timeline covers, is to use the ‘Save for devices’ utility in Photoshop. Gradually reduce the JPEG compression quality (usually defaults at 100) until the preview file size in the bottom left is safely under 100kb. Then save the file and upload it Facebook!

The Final Result

When the image is the correct size, and uploaded with a file size less than 100kb, the clarity of the timeline cover is greatly increased!

This image was uploaded with a file size of  97.51kb, and remained unchanged after Facebook’s processing. This means
that you are given an extra 40kb ish, of image quality!
And that’s it! Thank you for reading, and we hope this helps you out. If you have any comments, feel free to leave them, and if you fancy helping us out, then like our Facebook page or visit our new website!
Cheers for now,
Adam Lanning-Molyneux
Developer at Media Orb

The New Media Orb website!

Our New Website!

After weeks of hard work we have finally managed to get the new Media Orb website online; over the next few weeks we will be rebranding all our print with our fresh new style!
We have also started offering an exciting new service! We now offer print for companies in Bridgwater and Taunton
Please leave your comments about our new website below, we’d love to hear what you think!

best of Free jQuery Plugins

As you all know jquery is a powerful tool which makes web design and development easier and smarter. and if you want to be smart developer you will have to move forward positively. You will find 1000’s of free jquery plugins available on internet but more than 50% of theme are outdated ( you don’t like or have already tried).
Lets have a look at  5 best free jquery plugins to make you a smart web designer or developer :
1. Full Calendar : Free Jquery Plugin To Make Your Own Calendar
Full calendar is released under license. It is a most powerful and customizable free calendar plugin available for commercial use also. You can make your own style of calendar with this plugin.
2. Dropzone.js : Free jQuery drag and Drop Plugin
Dropzone.js is a easy to use and customisze plugin.
It is a drag and drop file uploading plugin with image preview. This free jquery plugin makes our website more attractive and smart. All documentation is provided on their website which is easy to understand. Try dropzone.js and give your site the power of drag and drop file uploading.
drag and drop file upload
3.  MixItUp : Free Jquery Sorting and Filtering Plugin
It is the best  free jquery plugin for sorting and filtering purpose. You can sort elements by ascending, descending and random order with nice css animation. MixItUp provides filtering as per your requirement and you can also choose layout. This plugin is good for ecommerce, portfolio etc.
jquery sorting and filtering plugin
4. Gridster.js : Jquery Drag and Drop Plugin
Gridster.js provides nice drag and drop feature which can be used on various web application. Audience can resize and drag ‘n’ drop elements of the site and manage as per their preference.   Gridster is easy to use and customize and provides full documentation. Use gridster.js and give your web application more power.
jquery drag and drop layout plugin
5. Chart.js : Free Jquery Library For Chart
Chart.js helps to visualize your data in six different types of chart. Based on HTML5 this plugin supports all modern browser including IE7/8 supports touch and hover both. Nice CSS3 animations are used to make library more attractive and it is also full responsive, your data can be shown nicely on all the devices. It can be used in different web application and hybrid mobile application.
chart.js free and opensource charing library

Bibic Charity Bridgwater – Drive 4 Change fundraising website up and running check it out! – This website was built for a really good cause.

This is there mission – In October 2013 the ‘Drive4Change’ team of Steve Hancock, Tony Cole and Ben Worth will travel from London to Cape Town covering 10,000 miles through 21 countries. The sole purpose to raise as much money as possible for bibic by breaking the current record of 11 DAYS 14 HOURS 11 MINUTES set in 2010 by Mac MacKenney, Chris Rawlings and Steve MacKenney. Prior to the 2010 expedition, this record had stood for 47 years.
From high speed motorways, across desert tracks and pot-holed roads, this journey is a true test of man and machine.

Please visit the website today and donate to this great cause.
Because we can make change!

New EU Website Cookie Law, what’s this all about

Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer after you visit a website.  These files contain a small amount of data about your time on the website which is then carried over to your next visit to customise your experience.

Often user’s actions are stored as cookies without the user’s consent; however previously website’s were able to argue that when visitors use a website they give their implied consent.  In response to this, you may have noticed that websites have started asking for permission to use and store your cookies?  Here are a summary of the new laws and regulations below.

As of May 2012 Information Commissioners Office (ICO) have set out the changes in the law regarding cookies, so when we’re building e-commerce and CMS websites, we must be careful to consider these rules:

  • Implied consent can be used by websites however website users must understand that their actions will result in cookie files being stored.
  • Websites must make it obvious that cookies are being stored without having to rely on user’s reading the privacy policy.
  • When websites are collecting  personal sensitive data, they must gain explicit consent from the user.

According to EU regulation, cookies or any other files stored on the user’s terminal equipment (Including mobile websites created for mobile devices),  must not be used by service providers unless:

  • The user is informed about what the cookies are to be used for and how it will be stored.
  • The user has given their consent for the cookies to be stored and used.

The EU state that some websites do not need consent in certain circumstance if the data is used for a sole purpose e.g. Search queries that go into search engines.

In compliance with UK law and the Data Protection Act 1998, if cookies process personal data service providers must only store data which is needed and used for its purpose.  Therefore like traditional bricks and mortar businesses storing information about you, websites must now only store and keep necessary information with your consent.

We hope you find this useful, Media Orb team

SEO (Search Engine Optimsation), is this important for my website?

“SEO Strategy”

Within the current economic climate, more and more business are turning to Search Engine Optimisation as a cost-effective way of increasing traffic to their website, which means it is becoming ever more important to ensure your business’ website is not left behind by your competitors. There are a large number of businesses that are yet to understand the power and potential of the internet and online marketing, and the benefits it gives you in aiding your business’ growth and increasing turnover and profitability, but this is a trend in decline. It is becoming ever more important to ensure your business takes all the initiative.

Below you can find some eye opening statistics that may shock you, and you will ask yourself if you can afford not to have an SEA strategy in place.

1. 36.8 million users in the UK spend on average over an hour a day on the internet.
2. £4.2 BILLION is spent online in the UK alone
3. 78% of internet users conduct product research online

I trust you are still asking yourself if you can afford to miss out!

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Google is the new Yellow Pages.

But to understand why it is critical to your business that you have a credible SEO strategy a few more facts & figures for you to think about:

1. 75% of users NEVER scroll past the first page.
2. 70% of the links search users click on is organic – NOT sponsored.
3. 10.3 billion searches are conducted on line EVERY month on Google.
4. 20% of monthly Google searches are for Local Businesses.

What this actually means is that if your website cannot be found on Google, no one will ever see it!
Making sure your website can be found high up on Google is not just an option, it’s a business must.

Magic Software Announces Magic xpa 3.0 for Rapid Mobile app Development

Magic Software a global provider of software platforms for enterprise mobility has announced the release of Magic xpa Application Platform 3.0, offering mobile development capabilities and In-Memory Data Grid technology for the creation of mobile and cross-platform business applications.
Magic xpa is part of Magic’s End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Solution that also includes Magic’s Integration Platform, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Professional Services. The code-free metadata-based Magic xpa Application Platform provides an development and deployment environment that lets IT departments and software companies create cross-platform mobile and desktop business apps from the same business logic.

Highlights of the platform include:

– Ease of use:
Code-free, event-driven application development studio with Visual Studio-based form designer. Drag and drop business process orchestration. Pre-defined elements and components and built-in best practices shorten development cycles.
– Rich Enterprise Mobile Functionalities and UX:
Offline support. Native mobile application clients for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Hybrid/HTML5 support.
– Agile:
Develop once and deploy across mobile, Web/HTML5, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), SaaS, and client/server. Full .NET compatibility.
– Multi-platform server support :
Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux, IBM i. Cloud-ready architecture.
– Enterprise-grade:
High-performance self-healing and scalable architecture based on IMDG messaging infrastructure. Secured protocols and sessions. Authentication and encryption. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) support.
– Big Data/Fast Data Ready:
Apps can use the IMDG database, enabling handling of extremely large transaction loads. Streaming data from backend databases to the space provides superior performance.

M2Soft : Experts choice of PHP web development tools

PHP web Development
PHP is one of the most popular open-source server-side scripting languages that exist today. With over 20 million indexed domains using PHP, including major websites like Facebook, Digg and WordPress, there are good reasons why many Web developers prefer it.
As you all know M2Soft is a web development company. Our experts have selected some best tools to ease PHP web development. lets have a look :
Geocoder is the best a PHP library that builds geo-aware applications by delivering a powerful abstraction layer for geocoding manipulations.


PRETTIFIER is the best tool to edit, format and syntax highlighting for different programming languages like XML, SQL, PHP, CSS, HTML, Perl, etc.


PHP-CPP library provides you a list of well documented and easy-to-use classes that can be used and extended for developing native PHP extensions.


If you are looking for the best editor for code, markup and prose then you can have Sublimetext. It comes with an advanced features and marvelous performance. The best thing is it has the slick user interface and best performance.

5. Plates

Plates is especially designed for those developers, who use native PHP templates over compiled template languages, such as Twig or Smarty. It is a native and easy-to-use PHP template system that invites modern template language functionality to native PHP templates.

6. Hoa

It is extensible, modular and structured sets of PHP libraries. The best thing is,  it aims to construct bridge between research and industrial worlds.

7. Xdebug

Xdebug is One of the most popular debugging PHP extensions that provides a ton of useful data that helps to find bugs quickly in the source code. It can be plugged in to many of the famous PHP applications, including phpDesigner and PHPEclipse.


Developers can easily incorporate DebugBar with any project and can show profiling data from any part of your application. Interestingly, this tool comes with built-in data collectors for standard PHP features and popular projects.

9. PHP/SWF Charts

Do you want to create PHP/SWF Charts and graphs from your dynamic data? PHP/SWF Charts is the best PHP tools that enable to develop graphs and charts by using PHP scripts to generate and data that gathered from databases. After that, it passes through the tool for generating Flash (SWF) charts and graphs.

10. Requests For PHP

Requests is another modest HTTP request library that enables developers to simplify how to communicate with other sites and takes away all your doubts.

11. PHPCodeBeautifier

Want to save your time that you have spent in reformatting code? Use a PHPCodeBeautifier tool that comes with a GUI version enable you to process files visually. This tool comes with a command-line version that can be integrated with some essential tools like SubVersion, IDE, and so on.


12. FAKERFaker is an important PHP library that create fake data for your website. No matter, you need good-looking XML documents or anonymize data, Faker is the best option for you.

13. Pixy: PHP Security Scanner

Pixy is another Java program that performs automatic scans of PHP 4 source code with an aim to check XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities. This tool takes PHP program as an input and develops a report that provides vulnerable points in the program with extra information for knowing what actually vulnerability is.

14. Creole

A database abstraction layer for PHP5, Creole abstracts PHP’s native database-specific API for developing more portable code. It also provides a clean and fully object-oriented interface that based on the API for Java’s JDBC.


Use Pattern Lab to develop atomic design systems. Pattern Lab is a collection of tools that ease your designing task in PHP.

If you are looking for best web development services then don’t forget to hire developer from M2Soft

WhatsApp new update : Introduces Material Design for All Android Users

Last few months have been quite good for WhatsApp. The Facebook owned company has been in limelight much more than ever before, for all the right reasons – they launched a desktop client, they launched voice calling feature on Android, then they brought it to other platforms like iOS and BB10, and most recently they launched a beta version  of WhatsApp on their official website with Material Design makeover. But as you know, it was a beta app made available only for testing purposes.
But finally the wait is over. WhatsApp Team has officially rolled out a new version of its app via Play Store, which finally makes WhatsApp with Material Design UI available to all Android users who use the service on a Lollipop based smartphone.
While new version released in Play Store (2.12.87) isn’t radically different in terms of UI from the beta version (2.12.38), it fixes several annoyances that were associated with the beta app. For example:
1. The default wallpaper has been updated to a decent one. It looks calmer and better to the eyes, and it also sits nicely with the overall new design of app.
2. The calling interface has been materialized completely.
3. UI of search bar has also been cleaned up.
4. Gingerbread icons that used to appear in More menu have finally been replaced, and so on…
If these small changes are kept aside, no other major change has been done to the app. Functionality remains almost same as that of beta app and you can still find all the options in same place. Major new additions done to the app are given below:

A. The very first thing that you’ll notice in new app is a whole lot of new icons, animations and a colorful emoji tray. For example, there’s an animation when you click on an image inside the app or try to share it. Attachment icons have also been made bigger and more colorful with this update.

B. Second thing that you’ll notice after updating the app is its task bar. Calls bar, Chats and Contacts all have been merged together to create this dark green bar, which sits atop everything else inside the app.
C. But the biggest and most visible change affects calling feature. In beta app a slightly more pronounced bright green WhatsApp Call bar used to appear below the name of caller. That is no longer the case. New app has been designed with company’s trademark dark green color in the background and focus has remained mainly on highlighting the name of caller with bigger font. To do so company decided to trash that bright green WhatsApp Call bar too. You can see the change below. On the left it’s old design and on the right it’s new material design :
WhatsApp Material DesignWhatsApp Material Design
There are several other subtle changes as well, but overall this new app looks great. Update it now and do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

SEO : Effects of Google “Phantom” Update

SEO NBC reports that an undisclosed, “phantom” algorithm update is specifically targeting informational and “how-to” based content.
Google hasn’t officially commented on it yet, but initial reports are suggesting that this latest algorithm update is specifically targeting websites with “how-to” content. HubPages, eHow,, and WikiHow, have seen significant drops in traffic and ranking positions. 
According to one estimate, HubPages’ organic traffic from Google has dropped by 22%.
Through analyzing the data, Gabe has determined that this udpdate is not related to Panda or Penguin. However, similar types of “thin” content targeted by Panda are also being targeted by this update.
But The funny thing is that Google has yet to acknowledge the existence of such a new update.
Final Words
As you know, Google’s Knowledge Graph has already been posing certain difficulties to content publishers. Now, with this latest “Phantom” update, things are only going to become more difficult for content publishers.
Let’s see when Google acknowledges this update. We will let you know more about it as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

SEO Strategies to rank keywords In 2015

SEO has been a  a much harder game to play with the constant pace of Google algorithm updates ( Penguin. Panda. Pigeon. latest : Phantom ). But still by producing high-quality branded content on a consistent basis Some companies or individuals are on the edge in terms of search visibility.
Still there is a common question that keeps coming up: “How do I rank for [keyword]”? Without some of the old system-gaming tactics, starting from Square 1 may seem daunting.
 There are certain things you can do to gain search visibility, though. And it starts with finding out what keywords and phrases you should really be focusing on—not just from Google’s keyword data, but from the buyers who are searching for solutions to their problems.
Here is the best SEO strategy these days..
 SEO Company

Google’s 3D-scanning Project Tango developer tablet now Available on Google Store

Google’s Project Tango tablet development kit was launched last year But was available for selected customers via an invite-only system. The company just ahead of its I/O 2015 conference however has expanded the Project Tango tablet availability, and has made the tablet available via its exclusive Google Store.
mobile app


It was initially launched at $1,024,  has also received a price cut and is now available at half the price – $512. It’s worth noting that the Google Store India page for the Project Tango doesn’t exist, indicating the tablet may not be available in India.
The highlight of the tablet is it comes with 3D vision and motion-sensing capabilities, and is meant to help developers design for Project Tango, which is aimed at bringing 3D vision technology to smartphones and tablets for potential applications such as indoor mapping, gaming and helping blind people navigate.
Key features :
1. 7-inch screen
2. 1080×1920 pixels screen resolution with pixel density of 323ppi.
3. Google Tango prototype runs on Android 4.4 KitKat.
4. powered by 2.3GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra K1 processor
5. 4GB of RAM.
Other specifications
1. 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity,
2. 128GB of built-in storage with microSD card slot.
For Project Tango’s 3D computer vision tech, the tablet features two cameras along with a depth sensor.
Project Tango is run by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division. The development kits can be used to make “apps” that track full 3D motion and recognize surfaces of things nearby, according to Google.